High maternal and child mortality worry state

His Royal Higheness Chief Mumena (left), Dr. Kaunda. Hon. Jean Kapata and Ben Kangwa

Government has called for increased  financial investment in addressing maternal and child mortality rates in the country.

Deputy Minister of Community Development Mother and Child Health Jean Kapata says this was because maternal and child mortality rates were still high in Zambia especially in rural areas.

Ms. Kapata told ZANIS in a telephone interview in Lusaka today that increased investment in this sector of health would assist the country to address the situation.

The Deputy Minister stressed that government was working hard to address the issue and reiterated its commitment in the reduction of the rates.

She further added that government through her ministry was working tirelessly with chiefs and other stakeholders in rural areas with regards to tackling the issue.

Meanwhile, Ms. Kapata has praised the Japanese government for pledging and showing readiness to help Zambia address maternal and child mortality rates in the country.

She added that the government also highly appreciates what the Japanese government was doing to work closely with  Zambia to address the issues in this sector.

Ms. Kapata pointed out that with such support from countries like Japan, Zambia would certainly be able to attain the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) on  maternal and child health.

Japan has since provided a grant amounting to KR350, 000 to Masaiti district health department to facilitate the renovation  and expansion of the maternity ward at Fiwale health centre on the copperbelt.