Democratic Zambia requires free media-British envoy

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British High Commission to Zambia James Thornton has observed that the media was an important tool in the effective functioning of a democratic government.


Mr. Thornton said access to information was fundamental in a democratic country like Zambia.


He explained that access to information translates into a well informed citizenry in the country.


He was speaking when he officiated at a civil society workshop on media laws in Lusaka today.


Mr. Thornton further said a free media was important in every country’s development because it provides useful information on national growth.


Earlier, Media Institute for Southern Africa (MISA) Zambia Chairperson Nalumino Nalumino urged government to avail the media with information on actions of people who are in public offices.


Mr. Nalumino said this was in order for the public to a have access to political information and to be able to participate in political debates and decision making.


He reiterated the need for government to transform all state owned media to public media that will not only serve the interests of government but also that of stakeholders.


Mr. Nalumino observed that the airwaves belong to the public and as such they are supposed to be used for the public good and interest.


He has however said Zambia urgently needs to undertake media law reforms to address some of the challenges that the media face.