THERE are no sacred cows-Sakeni

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Information Minister Kennedy Sakeni
Information Minister Kennedy Sakeni
, this country is governed by the rule of law whoever is suspected to have done something wrong is called to account for their actions in accordance with the law says Sakeni.
Information and broadcasting minister Kennedy Sakeni said in a press release, released yesterday that contrary to Rupiah’s lamentations, he will be prosecuted and not persecuted for the wrongs he is suspected to have done while in office,
“contrary to his lamentations Rupiah will be prosecuted and not persecuted for the wrongs that he is suspected to have done while in office and these have been clearly itemized for his response, it is unfair for President Rupiah Banda to accuse government of persecuting him through the ongoing investigations into his alleged wrongdoing while in office,
“Mr. Banda like any other citizen in his situation is enjoying his full human rights and freedoms such as legal presentation, including the assumption that he is innocent until proven guilty as per low established,” Sakeni said
Sakeni who is also government chief spokesperson questioned the persecution is Banda is claiming to be going through “As former president Banda was still enjoying all the privileges such as state security that go with the status of the office, so what persecution is Mr. Banda complaining about? We challenge him to point out any injustice or violation of his human rights that he has suffered during the ongoing investigations,” Sakeni said.
He stated that the Zambians have just lifted former president’s immunity for their former head of state to account for his actions in the manner he presided over their resources while was in office.
“The law is very clear, it provides for the removal of a former president’s immunity when there is suspicion of wrong doing so that he or she can exonerate oneself,” he stated.
Sakeni stated that On Monday after appearing before the joint investigative team former president Rupiah Banda urged his supporters to remain calm as investigations would provide him a chance to answer to the various allegations levelled against him.
“What has suddenly changed Mr. Banda now say he is being persecuted over the same process he had earlier welcomed as an opportunity to clear himself over the allegations,” he said.