Lukanga water facilities risk pollution

Lukanga Swamp

The Lukanga Water and Sewerage Company in Kabwe has combined efforts  with the Kabwe Municipal Council and other stakeholders to secure  water and sanitation infrastructure in Kabwe.

However, the water utility company  has appealed to the local authorities and other stakeholders to help alleviate the prevailing encroachment of their project centers by locals through the provision of adequate land in case of any expansion.

The water company today conducted a familiarization tour with its stakeholders to the Kasanda Sewerage Pump Station, Makululu, Mukobeko, and Kalulu Well Fields.

Speaking to ZANIS during the tour, Lukanga Water and Sewerage Company representative, Adamson Sakala said the purpose of the visitation is to enhance appreciation by the various stakeholders of the utility company’s suggestion to have its facilities surveyed and protected from encroachment and pollution.

Mr. Sakala said communities such as in Makululu compound are  expanding towards the well fields, a move he described as putting the facilities to the risk of pollution.

Meanwhile, Kabwe Municipal Council Acting Director of Planning, Verenasiyo Tembo said the local authorities accepted the appeals made by the Lukanga Water and Sewerage Company to have their facilities protected by giving them definite land boundaries.

“We have welcomed their appeals as we feel if we protect the Water and sewerage  facilities this will definitely result in improvement of the quality of their services to the people,” said Mr. Tembo.

Mr Tembo said there is need to lessen expansion of human activities towards the water and sewerage facilities in order to avoid pollution and encroachment.