Self help is sustainable in reducing poverty – Siabutuba

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Self help is sustainable in reducing poverty – Siabutuba

Choma , March 20, 2013, ZANIS—The Youth Development Organization (YDO) in Choma has called for the promotion of the Self Help concept which it says has proved to be a sustainable way of responding to the high poverty levels in the country.

YDO Executive Director Partner Siabutuba says there is need for government to consider promotion the adoption of the programme countrywide so as to reduce on handouts to the needy.

ZANIS reports that the YDO Executive Director said this during a gathering of different women’s clubs at Siankope in Choma yesterday.

Mr. Siabutuba challenged women to spearhead the fight of poverty in homes through the  self-help concept.

During the meeting, YDO donated four(4) sewing machines and 90 chickens sponsored by Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) under the self-help concept programme to the women’s clubs in Singani area.

Mr. Siabutuba says YDO will continue empowering the less privileged in society.

He adds that under the self-help programme women are not only empowered economically but also politically and socially.

The YDO Executive Director pointed out that if women are empowered they will be able to bring development in their homes and help reduce pressure exerted on government.

And speaking at the same meeting headman Siankope said development lies in the hands of the people through the decisions they make.

The village headman urged his subjects to adopt the self help concept with the seriousness it deserves if their lives are to completely change for the better.