Nawaitwika appeals to government.

Chieftainess Nawaitwika
 Chieftainess  Nawaitwika of the  Namwanga people in Nakonde district has appealed to government to speed- up the construction of Nawaitwika secondary school in the area.

The Chieftainess made the appeal at her palace in Nakonde in an interview with the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS).

The Chieftainess said that the construction of the school which started in the Levy Mwanawasa government has dragged on .

She said the structures have remained stagnant  below the window level for a long period of time.

Chieftainess Nawaitwika complained that this has affected the learning environment for grade eight and ten pupils as they are forced to learn at a  nearby primary school due to lack of classrooms at Nawaitwika secondary school.

She said that the pupils are negatively affected as the learning environment is not conducive at the primary school which lacks requirements such as laboratories and libraries for the higher grades.

She has also appealed to the government to consider turning the learning institution into a boarding school once it has been completed saying most of the children in the area come from distant places.

Chieftainess Nawaitwika further said that lack of safe drinking water is another big challenge faced in most of the schools in the chiefdom.

Meanwhile, the Chieftainess has thanked the PF Government for the help it has been rendering to her and the people in the chiefdom since ascending to power.