Lubemba Association of the Blind sends SOS

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Lubemba Association of the Blind sends SOS


Mungwi, March, 20, 2013, ZANIS —- A civic organization for the sight impaired in Mungwi District has appealed for financial and material assistance.


Lubemba Association of the Blind ( LAB ) General Secretary Abraham Mwenya says the Association plans to create employment opportunities for its members by buying machineries and other equipments such as tailor machines and block making machines for its members.


Mr. . Mwenya explained that due to the scarcity of funds his association was unable to go ahead and procure the said machines, which will help create employment opportunities to their members in the district.


ZANIS reports that the LAB General Secretary said this in a statement in Luwingu District, today.


He also noted that the Association will provide employment opportunities through constructing industrial workshops and staff houses at a cost of K1 Million rebased.

Mr. Mwenya said that the Association intends to be manufacturing different items such as baskets, brooms, brushes, doormats and many others.


The Association General Secretary added that items produced will be sold to members of the public in the nation and export surplus abroad.


Mr. Mwenya said his Association has been registered at registration of Societies and the Association has opened an Account at Zambia National Commercial Bank (ZANACO) Kasama Branch.


He also added that all well-wishers who wish to make any donations should be directed to  Account number 0620010185187 or call by using number 097679369 or 0978827017.