Speaker Matibini asked to take action against Siliya

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Two civil society organizations have asked the Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini to within 48 hours take action against opposition MMD Petauke Member of Parliament (MP) Dora Siliya for allegedly insulting parliamentarians using an offensive finger gesture which has since circulated on social media.

Open Society Foundation founder, Munir Zulu said if Dr. Matibini fails to take action against Ms. Siliya by 11 hours on Thursday this week, the two organisations will block the entrance to parliament buildings.

Mr. Zulu further explained that the offensive hand gesture which Ms. Siliya allegedly brandished in parliament last Friday was not only directed to the Speaker and Members of Parliament but to the Zambian people who elect her.

He was speaking during a press briefing held in Lusaka today.

Mr. Zulu wondered how a morally upright generation can be built with leaders of Ms Siliya’s caliber in Parliament.

He also asked Ms. Siliya to resign on moral grounds even before the Speaker of the National assembly takes action against her.

Meanwhile Mr. Zulu has called on MMD president Nevers Mumba to show leadership by disassociating the party from Ms. Siliya’s conduct.

He said disassociating the party from Ms. Siliya will help in serving the face of the MMD.

He further challenged women organizations to strongly condemn Ms. Siliya’s act in the strongest possible terms.

During the walkout of opposition MPs from parliament in protest against the motion to lift former President Rupiah Banda’s immunity last Friday, Ms. Siliya gestured offensively by raising the middle fight.

Meanwhile, the two civil society organisations have launched a self-cleansing campaign dubbed “The Red Revolution Against Corruption”.

Open Society Foundation Secretary General Mulenga Fube said the foundation decided to raise the bar on the fight against corruption following revelations that Mr. Banda abused resources meant to better the livelihood of Zambians when he was head of state.

Mr. Fube has since appealed to President Michael Sata to ensure that all ministers who benefited from corrupt deals during the Mr. Banda’s reign were brought to book.

And Speech for Growth Board Secretary Donald Mangimela has called for total judicial reforms.

Mr. Mangimela complained that some judicial officers who have been cited for misconduct have continued to serve and wondered what manner of justice such officers can administer.