Jumbos destroy maize fields in Mambwe

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Jumbos destroy maize  fields in Mambwe

Chipata, March 19, 2013, ZANIS —  Looming hunger is threatening chief Kakumbi’s area in Mambwe district after marauding Elephants have destroyed maize fields.

ZANIS reports that Mambwe District Commissioner (DC) Janet Palukani confirmed the development in a telephone interview, today.

Mrs.  Palukani said that among the fields have been destroyed, seven families had their field destroyed by elephants.

“About 35 maize fields of the 16 households have their crops been destroyed by elephants that have attacked the maize fields and people in the area, “she said.


She said that people were spending sleepless nights guarding their crops while others are being forced to harvest maize which is not yet ripe.

And Kakumbi ward councilor Peter Phiri has blamed the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) for the destruction.

Mr Phiri said that despite numerous reports that have been sent to ZAWA over the attacks by elephants, nothing has been done  adding that the officers were more interested in protecting wild animals than people ‘s crops.

He has however appealed to Minster of Tourism and Arts, Sylvia Masebo to intervene before the animals shift their attention to destroying rice fields.