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India’s Secretary of Women and Child Development Prem Narain says the Government of India has intensified the protection of rape victims among women in order to sustain their well being.

Mr Narain said the Government of India has instituted regulations that will require members of the public to adhere to.


He stated that some of the precautions include carrying out of medical examinations and recording police cases which will be conducted in the presence of women officers.


He added that publishing of the victim’s particulars will not be allowed for purposes of keeping the family identity of the affected victim.  


ZANIS reports that Mr Narain said this when the Minister of Gender and Child Development Inonge Wina paid a courtesy call on his office this afternoon in New Dehli today.


This was on the sidelines of the 9th CII-EXIM BANK Conclave on India Africa Project Partnership which  closed today.


Mr Narain also during the meeting said the violence against women in India, like in Zambia, was high.


“The issue is common in our country, “he observed.


Mr Narain explained that the Government of India has been constantly amending the law concerning gender based violence based on the experiences victims face.


And commenting on how India is empowering women, Mr Narain said the Government of India through the Ministry of Women and Child Development has put in place two schemes to empower women.


He explained that for the first scheme, the Government outsources third parties to monitor and evaluate various activities under it.


“This kind of approach has been put in place for accountability and transparency purposes, “he lamented.


As for the second scheme, the Government has put in place a system where its own officer is sent to monitor the existing projects.


And commenting on literacy levels, Mr Narain said the Government has made education in India as a right for every child.

And Gender Minister Inonge Wina told Mr Narain that the participation in the 9th CII-EXIM BANK Conclave on India Africa Project Partnership was an opportunity to interact with the Indian business community.

“We thought there is a great potential for Indian companies to extend their businesses in Africa, “she observed.

The interaction will also trickle down to relating on how Zambia and India can be able to learn from each other on matters of gender development.