Police in Kalabo pick decomposed body

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Police in Kalabo have picked up a decomposed dead body of a male adult from the Luanginga river in a suspected suicide case.

Police have identified dead body as that of Lastone Mayeya aged 33 of Katungi Village, in Chief Lioko’s Lukena area of Kalabo district.

The body was picked up by police in the Luanginga river near Simbwala area yesterday evening and was taken to Kalabo district hospital mortuary.

The decomposed body was seen floating on the Luanginga river yesterday around 12 00 hours by   passers-by who were travelling in an engine boat from Mongu to Kalabo and later reported the matter to the police.

The body of Mayeya was found with no signs of injuries but information released by his relatives indicates that the deceased committed suicide.