-Lukanga swamps maize fields flooded

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Lukanga swamps maize fields flooded

Kapiri Mposhi, March 18,2013, ZANIS – Hunger is looming in Lukanga swamps in Kapiri Mposhi district  after heavy rains flooded about 50 Hectares of maize fields.

Over 71 families in the area have been affected by the disaster after their fields were submerged following a heavy downpour last week.

Confirming the development to ZANIS, Kapiri Mposhi district commissioner, Beatrice Sikazwe said there is need for the government through the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) to quickly come to the aid of the affected families.

Ms. Sikazwe who visited the affected families conducted an inspection of the fields to assess the damage over the weekend said the farmers have lost most of their crop to floods and feared that severe hunger will affect the area.

The district commissioner directed the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock to conduct a crop forecast in the affected fields to ascertain the extent of damage.

“we have timely warned people from cultivating in flood prone areas such as in Lukanga swamps but they have not heeded to our concerns … now this is a disaster which government need to respond to otherwise there will be an breakout of hunger in this area,” Ms. Sikazwe said.   

And Central Province DMMU Regional Coordinator, Ingribed Bondwe said his office was awaiting an assessment report from the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock before moving in to implement its disaster management and mitigation strategies. 

Meanwhile, Ms. Sikazwe has advised people in the area to heed government’s call for them to relocate and stop cultivating in swampy areas.

Despite timely appeals by government for people to relocate from the swampy areas, most people still  cultivate in the swamps which usually burst the banks during the rainy season.