Luangeni constituency exceeds tree planting target

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–Luangeni Member of Parliament, Charles Zulu, says people in his constituency have planted 3,500 trees and exceeded government’s directive to plant 1,500 trees per constituency.

Speaking in a telephone interview with ZANIS this morning, Mr Zulu stated that trees have been planted in all schools in the constituency for easy management

“Teachers can help manage them as pupils can water the trees,” he said.

Mr Zulus stated that this was in conformity with President Michael Sata’s directive to all Members of Parliament to spearhead the tree planting exercise in their constituencies.

He said he would ensure people in his constituency appreciate the tree planting exercise, saying they plan to plant 10,000 trees in the constituency.

He named other areas where the trees have been planted as Makangila, Khova ward and agriculture camps.

Mr Zulu stressed the need to continue educating people on the benefits of tree planting to address the effects of climate change.

The tree planting exercise, which was launched by President Sata last year, is expected to see a total of 1,500 trees planted in each of the 157 constituencies in the country.