Dr. Scott holds private talks with Indian Prime Minister

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Vice President Guy Scott has met Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in New Delhi in India today and held a closed door meeting.

ZANIS reports that Dr. Scott, who arrived at the parliament house at about 16:00 hours Indian time today, was in the company of other African dignitaries who are also attending the ninth CII-EXIM BANK Conclave on India Africa Project Partnership which officially opened on March 17, 2013 in India.

The Vice President was given Indian police escort which combined efforts with their Zambian counterpart.

There was tight security at the entrance of the parliament house as the Vice President was being driven in the premises.

Journalists covering the Vice President were not allowed to enter the premises.

The journalists, who were looking forward to capture the Prime Minister’s official office, could not be given the opportunity to do so but ended up capturing only the outside of the building premises.

After half an hour, Dr. Scott and other African dignitaries left the parliament house.

The parliament house in India is located within the India Gate, that country’s famous tourist attraction because of the freedom fighters who were fighting for the independence of India during the Second World War in 1947.

It is estimated that 90, 000 soldiers died during the struggle.

It was built in 1932 as a memorial site for the soldiers who died for that country’s independence.

The parliament house in India, which is also called the Sansad Bhavan represents the seat of the two houses of that country’s legislature.

The two are Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha.

Meanwhile, Dr. Scott held a one-to-one chat with his Ugandan counter Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi.