Defecting Petauke councillors condemned

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–The losing candidate in the 2011 tripartite elections in Nyika ward of Petauke Central Constituency, Endelani Banda, has taken a swipe
at councillors in Petauke district who have defected from the opposition to the ruling party.

Commenting on the four councillors that have defected from the MMD and joined the Patriotic Front (PF), Mr Banda, who stood as an independent candidate during the tripartite in Nyika ward, told ZANIS today, that the councillors should have felt for the people that voted for them.

Mr Banda described the move as greed of the worst form, adding that the decision.
by the councillors had clearly shown that those elected in the civic offices had no regard for the people and would do anything to benefit their ego and not the people they promised to serve regardless of the political affiliation.

He noted that the people who elected them had been deprived of representation, adding that resources would now be pumped in conducting by-elections at the expense of development.

Mr Banda noted that people in the country were hungry and such monies could have been used to alleviate poverty most felt by the poor.

He cautioned the PF not to receive all those that were abandoning the people that elected them because of selfish motives, adding that when the PF leaves office people with such mentality would continue defecting.

Mr Banda stated that defecting from the opposition to the ruling party was not politically healthy.

Last week, four councillors defected from the former ruling party, MMD, and joined the ruling PF in Nyika ward of Petauke Central Constituency.