Youth group happy with decentralisation of youth fund

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– A youth group organization has
applauded government for decentralizing the disbursement of youth
funds to provinces.

Socialist Youth Forum National Coordinator Rezin Mugode said the
decision by government to decentralize the debasement of youth funds
to provinces is a welcome development.
Mr Mugode told Zambia News and information Services (ZANIS) in a phone
interview that the development will allow more youths in provinces to
access the youth funds.

He complained that the current system where youths are meant to travel
to Lusaka to submit their business proposals has made it difficult for
some youths to access the youth funds.

Mr Mugode stated that the accessing of youth funds through the
Ministry of Youths had created a lot of bureaucracy making it difficult
for youths to acquire the funds.

However,  Mr Mugode was optimistic that more youths will now have easy
access to the youth empowerment fund.

He said the disbursement of youth empowerment fund will be more
transparent once brought to provincial level.

Mr Mugode further noted that it will be easy for government to monitor
or make follow ups on youth groups that would have benefited from the
empowerment scheme.

He maintained that Zambian youths are credit wealth adding that the
youth empowerment funds are safe in the hands of the youths.

Meanwhile Mr Mugode has called on government to consider training
youths with business skills before empowering them with the youth

He said such a move will assist the youths to manage the youth
empowerment funds prudently.