Chililabombwe DDCC pressing for a boarding school in the district

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———————Chililabombwe District Developing Coordinating Committee (DDCC) has requested for the construction of a boarding school in the district to ensure enhanced access to education for the local populace in line with the targeted Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) on Education.

This comes in light of the Ministry of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education proposed plan to construct a day school in the district’s Chinfunshi area to be called New Konkola Secondary School under the Ministry’s 2012 Infrastructure Operational Plan.

The Committee however resolved to press for the construction of a boarding School during the 2013 first quarter DDCC meeting Chaired by Town Clerk Davies Musenge at the Chililabombwe Municipal Council Chambers recently.

The DDCC comprises heads of government departments, chief officers from the local authority, the private sector, the local leadership and Civil Society Organisations among others.

The Committee has since formed a task force to ensure amends were made to the proposed plan before the tendering process commences to ensure the district had the much craved for boarding school to ensure access to education  especially for children from peri-urban areas of the district.

Children from far flung areas of the district currently rent houses in various townships to access education at the three secondary schools in the district, a situation which makes it difficult for them to access education while other children just drop out before completing grade 12.

The task force to be chaired by Miyanda Ward Councillor Mada Banda has since been tasked to justify the need for a boarding school in the district, ascertain the availability of land, its accessibility, the security situation in the area, the water source as well as determine other facilities that would be needed to formulate a bill of quantities.

Members of the task force include representatives from the Ministries of Education, Health, Works and Supply, Information, the Local Government’s Planning and Engineering Departments, the constituency office as well as the Police Service.