UPND comfortable with few ‘disciplined’ members

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-United Party for National Development
(UPND) Deputy Spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa has said his party is
happy to have a few united and disciplined members than a bunch of
indiscipline and treacherous members.

Mr. Mweetwa told ZANIS in a telephone interview in Lusaka today that
the UPND will not accept to work with the PF government using the
backdoor approach.

He said if government is serious about working with the opposition it
should come out in the open and declare interest instead of using
backdoor means of appointing UPND members as deputy ministers.

Mr. Mweetwa said his party does not want to abandon its role of
providing checks and balances to government and will defend its
position as the opposition in all matters of governance..

He further encouraged UPND members intending to work with or join the
ruling Patriotic Front government to openly declare interest and
resign from the party.

Mr. Mweetwa said members of the opposition should always remember that
they are there to provide checks and balances to the government.

He said it will not be right for the nation to have people singing the
same song instead of pushing government to work where needed.

Commenting on the two Deputy Ministers that were recently appointed by
President Sata as Deputy Ministers in the Ministry of Commerce and
Information respectively Mr. Mweetwa expressed ignorance on any action
taken by the party, referring all queries to the disciplinary

Recently Sinjembela Member of Parliament Njeulu Poniso and Kalabo
Member of Parliament Chinga Miyutu were allegedly suspended from the
opposition UPND for accepting to serve in the PF government.