23 year old man committs suicide after axing 32 year old.

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23 Year old man of southern province has committed suicide after axing a 32 year old man.
Police spokesperson Elizabeth Kanjela said in a statement that the accident happened on March13 around 09.00hrs in Monze district at farm 44 Kayuni settlement.
“Facts of the matter are that Nchimunya Muzunga was accused of going out with Ngandu Wahen’s wife,in reaction Nchimunya Got an Axe and axed Ngandu on the right side of his heard,” Kanjela said.
Kanjela said Ngandu sustained a deep cut and was rushed to Monze mission hospital,and he is currently in intensive care unit and the condition is stable.
She said Ngandu feared that Nchimunya had died and he ran to the neighbouring farm and committed suicide by hanging and the body is laying in Monze Mission hospital Mortuary awaiting postmotem.

In another development a 46 year old woman died on the spot when a big stone fell on her while her brother escaped unhurt.
Kanjela said the accident occured today March 14, around 08.00hrs And in Lusaka’s Kanyama Compound Kanjela Elisa Mwanakanda was excavating stones from one of the ditches in Ngwenya area when one of the stones fell on her and died on the spot,her body is laying in the UTH mortuary awaiting postmotem.