Proflight acquires Boeing 737 aircraft

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-Proflight Zambia has introduced a 108-seat Boeing 737 aircraft to its fleet.


The acquisition of the Boeing 737 aircraft would nearly double the airline’s capacity in the next few months.


Proflight Director of Government and Industry Affairs, Philip Lemba said the addition of the 737 aircraft represents a new departure for the airline.


Captain Lemba said the introduction of the 737 Boeing aircraft takes the airline to new heights and puts it firmly in the big league of regional airlines.


He said in a statement released to ZANIS in Lusaka today that the leap in seating capacity will enable Proflight and its passengers to benefit from the economies of scale inherent in a large aircraft.


Capt. Lemba noted that the operating costs of a large aircraft are proportionately lower than those of a smaller plane.


He added that airport landing fees, fuel and crew costs can consequently be apportioned between greater numbers of passengers thereby bringing airfares down dramatically.


He further stated that super-low introductory fares were now in the pipeline in recognition of the efficiencies and that the airline was exploring options of a KR150 one-way ticket from Lusaka to Ndola.

He however stated that the option was subject to successful negotiations with the National Airports Corporation (NACL) over ground handling for the aircraft.


Capt. Lemba said the Boeing 737 aircraft is expected to be in before August in readiness for the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) General Assembly in Livingstone because it will play a pivotal role in transporting delegates to the tourist capital.


He said the Proflight believes that with its new aircraft will be able to comfortably service the demands of the UNWTO event without the need for the country to bring in additional oversees carriers.


“The addition of the Boeing 737 to Proflight’s fleet lifts it into the ranks of the serious international airlines, making it a credible regional carrier from its Lusaka hub. The significance is enormous,” Capt. Lemba said.


He further disclosed that Proflight was also in the process of purchasing an additional Jetstream 32/31 aircraft which he said is expected to enter into service in June 2013.