Familiarise yourselves with features of new currency-BOZ

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————————The Bank of Zambia (BOZ) has called on the general public in Eastern province to familiarise themselves with the features of the new currency to differentiate it with counterfeit ones.


Bank of Zambia Assistant Director of Security Musonda Simwayi said that there was need for people to know how to detect counterfeit money to guard against the threat of counterfeit notes.


Dr Simwayi told ZANIS in an interview this morning in Chipata district that the public has a role to maintain the integrity of the kwacha by knowing the features of the currency.


He disclosed that Eastern province has recorded the highest number of suspected counterfeit notes in circulation compared to other provinces.


Dr Simwayi attributed the high number of counterfeit in the province to lack of knowledge for most rural people to detect counterfeit notes.


“It is important for people to examine the money they receive, compare a suspected note with a genuine one of the same denomination and identify quality of printing and paper characters,” he said.


He stated that the Bank of Zambia will continue with its sensitization program on the need for people to know the features of the new rebased currency.


And Dr Simwayi has expressed happiness that people in the province were trading well with the new rebased currency.


Dr Simwayi who took time to purchase goods using small noted and coins stated that people were not facing any difficulties with the new currency when giving change.


“It’s three months since the new rebased currency was introduced in the country, already traders and the general public are familiar with it,” Dr Simwayi said.


He has however called on the people of Eastern province to be alert and report any suspected counterfeit note of the Zambian currency at the nearest law enforcement agency.


A team of Bank of Zambia officials are in the province to get feedback from the general public on how they are trading with the new rebased currency since it was introduced in January this year.