2)–State to enact law clipping headmen powers

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State to enact law clipping headmen powers

Mumbwa, March 14, 2013,ZANIS…Chiefs and traditional affairs minister Nkandu Luo says government is in the process of enacting a law which will restrict village headmen in the allocation of traditional land.

The minister was speaking yesterday when she met chiefs Mulendema, Kabulwebulwe and Chibuluma of Mumbwa.

The consultative meeting was held at chief Mulendema’s palace.

Professor Luo observed that most of the chief’s boundary disputes are being created by village headmen as they indiscriminately allocate land as chiefs.

She said it is in this vein that the government wants to come up with a piece of legislation to restrict village headmen from allocating land.

Prof. Luo was reacting to chief Mulendema’s complaints that village headmen in his chiefdom were taking advantage of his old age by allocating land to squatters in the Game Management Area-GMA.

The minister however assured the traditional leaders that the allocation of land by headmen will soon be a thing of the past immediately the law is enacted.