SACCORD urges Voters in Livingstone to turn up in numbers

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SACCORD urges Voters in Livingstone to turn up in numbers


Lusaka, March 13, 2013, ZANIS ————- Southern African Centre for Constructive Resolution of Disputes -(SACCORD) Information Officer Obby Chibuluma has urged voters in tomorrow’s by elections in Livingstone to turn up in numbers to exercise their right to vote.


Mr Chibuluma said voters need to exercise their right and not be scared by reports of people bend to intimidate them during the elections.


He said it is also important for parties involved in the by elections to accept the outcome of tomorrows elections.


In an Interview with ZANIS today, Mr Chibuluma said it also important to know that during elections, some people will be affected because results can go either way.


He has also appealed to the police to be vigilant and act professionally owing to the fact that a life was lost prior the postponement of the by elections in Livingstone Central Constituency.


And Anti-Voter Apathy Project (AVAP) Executive Director Richwel Mulwani has commended the move taken by Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to postpone the elections saying that it allowed Livingstone central constituency to be peaceful again.


Meanwhile, Mr Mulwani has urged the police to bring to book perpetrators of violence and has also called on the Conflict Management Committee to objectively solve problems that arise during elections promptly.


The AVAP Executive Director has also said it is not health for the country to be having by elections every time adding that there are a lot of issues to solve in Zambia like high levels of poverty, employment among others.


Tomorrow, electorates in the Livingstone will be voting to elect their Member of Parliament following the impromptu resignation of former United Party for National Development (UPND) Reverend Haward Sikwela some few months ago.