Chipata residents complain over stray dogs on streets

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Chipata residents complain over stray dogs on streets


Chipata, March 13, 2013, ZANIS…Residents of Chipata district have
complained over the number of stray dogs which are seen in most parts
of the townships.

Mary Ngoma of Mchini compound complained to ZANIS in an interview this
morning that there is an increase in the  number of dogs that pose a threat to
pedestrians saying it is difficult for one to move during late
hours as the dogs are always on the streets.

Ms Ngoma said stray dogs posed a threat because it is not
known if they are vaccinated against rabies or not.

She appealed to Chipata council and the veterinary offices to kill stray dogs before lives are lost.

And Betty Kaluba of Kalongwenzi said such dogs are dangerous as they
have ticks and other parasite which can be passed on to humans and
cause health problems.

 Meanwhile, Moses Mwale a marketer at Kapata market attributed the
increased number of dogs at the trading area to the huge pile of
garbage that has not been taken care of by council.

And Council Public Relations officer Taonga Kaonga confirmed the development to
ZANIS saying the programme of getting rid of stray dogs which was
supposed to be done  this month has come to a standstill due to certain
factors such as transport.

Ms Kaonga said as soon as the issue of transport is sorted out the
programme will continue to make sure that stray dogs are no longer on
the streets.

” As for now, we are not promising, but as soon as we are ready
the work, shall be carried out” she said.