2)—Poor delivery of justice worries PF in Chiengi

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Poor delivery of justice worries PF in Chiengi

Chienge, March 13, 2013, ZANISThe Patriotic Front (PF) in Chienge district has expressed concern at the manner in which justice is being delivered in the area.

PF district political secretary Samson Kalwa disclosed that the judiciary system in the area leaves  much to be desired because most cases that were being handled by the courts left many people unsatisfied.

He said he had witnessed several cases where aggrieved people had taken their offenders to court over social matters for settlement and the cases have been handled with unjustified bias by the judicial officials.

Mr Kalwa said some plaintiffs do not turn up for the hearings on the set dates but the defendants were still victimised without even hearing their side of the story.

He explained that some judgments have been passed in the district where the plaintiff has been promised relief through a court order and when the defendant takes the said reliefs to court for the plaintiff, the reliefs were never delivered to the said plaintiff.

He said such occurrences have become rampant and have caused people to lose confidence in the judicial system in the district.

Mr Kalwa added that it was important for the higher authorities in the judiciary to redeem its name and cleanse the system because there was still hope to do so and build a favorable public image about the administration of justice in the district.

He said the PF manifesto was clear on justice delivery and that the attitude of judicial officers should change for the better because people in the district wanted to see a justice system that followed the laws of the land to the latter without favoring anyone because every citizen was equal before the law.

He said some judicial officers who were in the habit of personalising economic reliefs that were intended for the plaintiffs as a way of settlement by court order should desist from such habits because it brought the integrity and reputation of the judiciary into public disrepute.