Price control on mealie meal blamed for eratic supply

mealie meal

Former Mines Minister Maxwell Mwale has observed that the erratic supply of mealie meal in some parts of the country may be as a result of the price control on commodity imposed by the government.

Mr. Mwale who is also Malambo Member of Parliament says the directive to restrict the price of mealie meal to fifty kwacha rebased is discouraging milers in the country to produce the commodity as they are not making profits as compared to producing stock feed whose prices are not controlled.

Speaking in an interview with Qfm in Lusaka, Mr. Mwale noted that the Patriotic Front government will be taking the country back to the UNIP era where basic commodities such as soup and mealie meal were in erratic supply due to the adoption of the Socialist policies of price control.

He said the Socialist policy of price control may discourage investment in the country as is being observed in the milling industry.