Youths in Chipata commend Govt empowerment policies

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Youths in Chipata commend Govt empowerment policies


Chipata, March 12, 2013..ZANIS— A youth in Chipata has commended government’s commitment to fulfilling its promises to uplift the standards of young people in the country.


Fifteen year old Fatima Patel, who gave a message on behalf of young people in Chipata at the Youth Day celebrations, said government through the National Youth Policy and the Sixth National Development Plan (SNDP) and the ruling party’s manifesto, have outlined various strategic programs meant to uplift standards of people including the youths in the country.


Fatima said programs such as the Youth Empowerment Fund, the Zambia National Service Youth Entrepreneurship have undoubtedly been actualised by the Patriotic Front government.


She noted that the programs were already providing an opportunity for youth entrepreneurship, adding that, the youths were aware that those who successfully applied for funds were funded.


‘’ Those empowered will eventually employ their fellow youths and this will have a multiplier effect which will in turn have a positive effect on the Zambian economy,’’ Fatima said.


She made a passionate appeal to government to increase the enrolment of youths into the Zambia National Service to allow more youth attain skills and become entrepreneurs.


Fatima observed that 75 per cent of the Zambian population were young people who formed the largest human resource for government and needed to be helped to attain skills.


She also said there was need for government and the private sector to put more resources into the bursary scheme to ease burdens faced by poor parents in trying to educate their children.


And speaking when he officiated at the same occasion, Eastern Province Minister, Malozo Sichone, said government prioritised the creation of employment opportunities among the youths through entrepreneurship development.


In a speech read for him by Regional Deputy Permanent Secretary, Zachariah Luhanga, Mr Sichone said government had noted a serious imbalance between the growth of the labour force and the decline of employment opportunities especially for the youth.


‘’  As government we are going to address the gap because we are committed to creating a better Zambia for all by providing inspirational and visionary leadership to the nation and promoting inclusive governance,’’ Mr. Sichone said.


This year’s theme is: ‘’Opportunities for Youth through Enterprise’’.