Makunku residents IN Itezhi-Tezhi district cry for a school

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—-Residents of Makunku ward in Itezhi tezhi district in Central Province have asked government to fulfil their promise of building a Secondary school in the area.

The residents say there has been no high school in the area since independence and their children have to go to other districts to seek secondary education saying this has proved to be expensive on their part.

 The residents made their cry when Agriculture and Livestock Deputy Minister Greyford Monde who is also their Legislator visited the area yesterday to familiarize himself with the area.

Senior Headman in the Muwezwa Chiefdom, Mwashimabula said government in the past has asked the community to contribute to the building of the secondary school to be called Chibwale Secondary School by constructing teachers’ houses and then government would build classrooms and other infrastructure.

“We  have done our part , we have so far built four (4) three-bed roomed teachers houses but the government has not yet come in to do their part as promised”  the Headman said.

He observed that the new Itezhi tezhi secondary school is about 110 kilometres away from Itezhi Tezhi and Mumbwa High school is also far from his area.

 And Headman Munkunka of the same area has lamented the lack of development that has characterized the area for decades.

“I’m speaking for both the living and the dead that we are tired of voting because for three successive governments, there has been no tangible development in the area to be proud of. Are we invisible in this country? Why doesn’t the government for once consider us for development,? Headman Munkunka asked.

The traditional leader said it was sad that every time they listen to radio they hear about developments in other areas but they find it hard to understand why development has been elusive to them.

The Headman who expressed gratitude to the President for appointing Mr. Monde as Deputy Minister of agriculture has since appealed to President Sata to ensure development reached their area as well.

And Mr. Greyford Monde said the PF government was committed to take development to all parts of the country regardless of political divisions.

He said that Itezhi tezhi district has been given three secondary schools and that one of them will be built in their area to fulfil government’s promise in the area.

“We are upgrading some schools to secondary schools, for example Mbila Basic School has already been turned into a secondary school and government has budgeted for additional infrastructure there” Mr. Monde said.

Mr. Monde further said that government is also replacing all schools built with mad and pole  with block concrete ones  to ensure  good learning  environment for children adding that more teachers are also to be deployed in rural  schools.