Govt to tar the controversial Bottom road in Southern province

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———– Commerce, Trade, and Industry Deputy Minister Richwell Siamunene has disclosed that Government will tar the controversial Bottom road between Siavonga and Sinazongwe districts.


Mr Siamunene said two contractors will be engaged to work on the road saying one contactor will start from Siavonga while the other one will start from Sinazongwe district to speed up the construction work.


The Deputy Minister told the gathering in Malima today that time for politics has gone because Sinazongwe people need development such as roads and electrifying the rural communities.

Mr Siamunene said all governments that have ruled Zambia have been promising to work on the bottom road.

He also said the 17 kilometre road leading to the District Administration will be worked on saying the consultants are already working on the papers to prepare for the construction works.


He, however, noted that it will not make sense for him to be getting a salary in parliament when people in his constituency are suffering.


Mr Siamunene pointed out that 11 clinics would be constructed while next year, a secondary School for Malima area will be budgeted for.


“If a secondary School will be built, I will be happy because it will help my people, I cannot refuse development that is meant to benefit my people,” Mr Siamunene said.


The Deputy Minister also said currently, the Zambia Army officers are working on the damaged bridge along the bottom road in Dengeza.


Mr Siamunene noted that the damaged bridge has affected people’s lives as they are failing to access essential commodities such as mealie meal and food stuffs.


He said as a result of the damaged road the price of a 25 kg mealie meal has been hiked to K70.

Deputy Minister assured the people that they should use him when he is still in office so that development can trickle down to the people.