Sata seeks advice from DPP on HH possible prosecution

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President Michael Sata has sought for advice from the Director of Public Prosecutions Mutembo Nchito on whether government can prosecute opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema for the alleged diversion of funds realised from the privatisation of parastatal companies to personal gains.

President Sata said the UPND leader was entrusted with the responsibility of privatising parastatal companies during the second regime but allegedly diverted the monies that was realised for personal gains instead of saving it in government coffers.


Mr. Sata was speaking today at State House when he swore in Mpongwe Member of Parliament (MP) Gabriel Namulambe as Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister, Sinjembela MP Njeulu Poniso as Information and Broadcasting Deputy Minister and Kalabo MP Chinga Miyutu as Deputy Minister of Youth and Sport.


He said he does not care whether Mr. Hichilema calls him a dictator because he has passed through the right channel to become republican President.


Mr. Sata said he has been a counsellor, Member of Parliament (MP) and Minister before while Mr. Hichilema has never been elected to any of these positions.


The President also alleged that the opposition UPND has had no leader since the death of the founding party president, the late Anderson Mazoka as the party has never gone for a convention since its formation.


Mr. Sata also denounced Mr. Hichilema‘s recent allegations that the Patriotic Front has 77 Cabinet ministers.


Meanwhile, President Sata has urged the newly appointed Deputy Ministers to work hard in their respective portfolios.



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