–NGO wants clear constitution road map

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NGO wants clear constitution road map

Chipata, March 11, 2013, ZANIS….The Centre for Human Rights and
Development has demanded government to provide a clear outline of road
map for the constitution making process.

Center for Human Rights and Development Executive Officer Mwima Mtine
said government should provide a clear outline and how much will be
spent on the whole process.

Mr Mtine told ZANIs in an interview this morning that the general
citizenry wants to know when the country will go for a referendum.

Mr Mtine observed that the process may not be accepted by the people
like the failed draft constitution in the Rupiah Banda led government
if its making process is not made clear.

“The process took about five years and gobbled a lot of money, only to
be rejected in Parliament. Our concern is that the PF promised to
deliver a constitution  within ninety days in their campaigns  and the
President appointed a commission in November 2011 but up to now we do
not know exactly when we are supposed to go for a referendum and how
much has been spent or has been budgeted for the process,” he said.

He stated that articles such as the running mate clause and the bill
of rights will require a referendum to be implemented.

He stressed the need for the government to clearly explain to citizens
the route that will be taken and the timeframe for the constitution
making process to be finalized.