AU Chairperson urges women to support one another

African Union
African Union (AU) Chairperson Nkosazana Zuma has called on women in Africa to support one another when they rise to decision making positions.

Speaking during International Women’s Day celebrations held at the AU in Addis Ababa Ethiopia yesterday, Dr Zuma said women in decision making positions should use every opportunity to pull up other women to higher positions rather than suppressing them.

Dr Zuma said it was important for women occupying top positions to create an environment which would encourage women below them to support them and not despise their success.

“As men open doors for you to occupy top positions, ensure that you open doors for your fellow women to rise up,” Dr Zuma said amid loud applause.

She also urged Member States to use this year’ International Women’s Day to reflect on the rising cases of violence against women and girls with a view of strengthening laws to deter perpetrators.

Dr Zuma said the Africa cannot have renaissance in reality when cases such as rape, defilement and other gender based violence cases are increasing all over the continent.

During the celebrations, Dr Zuma was honoured for being the first woman to occupy the position of AU Commission Chairperson.