Women for change appeals for co-existence among political parties

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Women for Change Executive Director, Emily Sikazwe has appealed for political tolerance among the major political parties in the country in order to create a safe and secure environment for women.

Ms Sikazwe said the theme gender agenda gaining momentum which is sweeping across the globe cannot find its rhythm in the country if there is no political tolerance among citizens.

Ms Sikazwe said that though the country has made progress where equal rights for women is concerned, the nation has continued to witness the brutal murders and killings of women and girls in the country.

She noted in a statement released to ZANIS in Lusaka today that gender based violence in homes has continued to be on the rise and that girl children no longer feel safe in their homes because they are being defiled and raped by their own relatives who are supposed to guarantee them with safety.

Ms Sikazwe further observed that pregnant women have continued to die in child deliveries due to inadequate availability of social services in the country.

She said the lack of access to readily available sexual reproductive health services has also led to young girls and boys in the country to engage in illegal and unsafe abortions, saying this should be avoided.

Ms Sikazwe said it is for this reason that her organisation has renewed its mandate and refocused its efforts aimed at improving the lives of men, women, youth and children through livelihoods and women in leadership projects that the organisation has embarked on with its various partners.

She said in partnership with IPAS Zambia, the two organisations will be launching a project focusing on sexual reproductive health rights (SRHR) and maternal health issues in Zambia.

She added that the project will be implemented among peer educators and traditional leaders to improve access to these health services in Choma district.


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