Government urged to give equal job opportunities for men and women

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Government urged to give equal job opportunities for men and women

Kabompo, March 8, ZANIS ——The government has been asked to give 50 per cent of jobs that are being created in the country to women in order to accelerate the gender agenda.

Kabompo District Gender Chairperson Phoebe Kilele made the call when she addressed a crowd of women during the international women’s day commemoration at Kabompo secondary school today.

Mrs Kilele said that in the UNIP and MMD regimes women were sidelined in all angles of life.

She said that the appointment of women in key positions in government by the PF government was not a mistake and must be supported by all development and peace loving women and men.

She said that women were considered subordinate socially, economically, spiritually, and physically and had no say.

Mrs Kilele noted that Zambian women were naturally hard workers, effective and efficient managers at all levels and the appointment of a female Inspector General of police, Stella Libongani was a commendable appointment and women in Zambia were happy.

And speaking at the same function Kabompo central ward councillor Janet Kaputula (UPND) bemoaned the small number of female elected ward counsellors in district councillors and female members of parliament in the North-Western province.

Ms Kaputula said that she was saddened that since independence North-Western province can have only three elected Counsellors, two in Kasempa and herself in Kabompo while there is only a single female member of parliament in the whole province.

She appealed to women who have attained 18 years and 21 years to aspire for election to the positions of Councillors and members of parliament respectively in order to enhance the voice of women in the province.

Ms Kaputula however, assured the government that women in Kabompo were rallying behind President Michael Sata and the first lady and able government to promote the welfare of women in the country.