Enterprise efficiency prerequisite for competitiveness-Kaunda

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Ministry of Labour and Social Security Permanent Secretary Trevor Kaunda has observed that enterprise efficiency was an essential prerequisite for enterprise competitiveness.


Mr. Kaunda said government was therefore keen on promoting issue of enterprise productivity in order to create decent jobs for Zambians.


Mr. Kaunda said this in Lusaka today when he officiated at the KAIZEN dissemination seminar.


The KAIZEN project is a Japanese initiate that aims at improving productivity.


He said there was need for Zambian firms to be competitive and ensure that customers enjoy affordable but quality goods and services.


Mr. Kaunda said there was further need for the workers to have a positive attitude towards work in order for the country to improve its production capacity to levels of sufficiency thereby improving living standards of the citizens.


He noted that rationalising the use of time and reducing delays in carrying out various tasks in workplaces were key components that can help improve service delivery and enable service providers meet the expectations of their respective customers.


Mr. Kaunda observed that the partnership existing between the Japanese government and the Zambian government was timely because it has been enhanced at a time when Zambia is in a process of searching for more effective ways of promoting productivity.


He said the Ministry of Labour and Social Security was taking active steps towards establishing a centre that will spearhead the promotion of enterprise productivity in the country.


He said since the inception of the KAIZEN project in 2010 through the Japan Productivity Centre (JPC), Zambia has received technical support through mentorship experts that have provided training to local productivity practitioners and further monitor the implementation of KAIZEN activities in the pilot companies.


He noted that although the purpose of holding the annual KAIZEN dissemination seminar has been to share results of the activities in the KAIZEN pilot companies, government now regards it as an opportune time to search for dialogue on the need to embrace productivity in all work places across the country.