Minister promises to facilitate improved conditions of his ministry

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Minister promises to facilitate improved conditions of his ministry

Livingstone, March 4, ZANIS ——-Home Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu says it is shameful and embarrassing that 50 years after independence, some officers in his ministry still operated under trees and tents.

Mr Lungu noted that it was high time that the welfare of police and immigration officers across the country was improved to enhance their performance.

And some Indunas at Mwandi have appealed to the government to improve police presence in the area to contain and prevent escalating levels of crime.

Speaking when he toured Mwandi district today where police officers are still operating under a tent, Mr Lungu said the situation needed quick government intervention saying it was embarrassing that 50 years after independence police officers could operate under a tree and tent.

He said he was dismayed that police officers were operating under a tent while, immigration department was manned by one officer who operates from his house due to lack of an office.

Mr Lungu who toured the area for the first time vowed to ensure that the welfare of police officers and the condition under which they work were improved in order to enhance efficiency and professionalism.

He also said people should learn to respect and appreciate the work that police were doing even under extreme difficulties all for the love of the country.

“We need to give respect to our police officers who work under difficulty situations like in this case here where they work without water, proper accommodation and as long as I remain Minister I will
ensure that police officers are not only protect from unwarranted criticism but work to improve their conditions as well,” said Mr Lungu.

Mr Lungu who also inspected the Police post being constructed at a tune of K1.1 billion(KR 1.1 million) said he was happy that government has started making efforts towards alleviating office space challenges officers were currently facing in the area.

Earlier during a courtesy call on several indunas at Mwandi Royal palace, Mr Lungu appealed to the government to improve police presence in the area to contain and prevent escalating levels of crime.

Induna  Wamulwa said there was a lot of crime in the area owing to its vastness which further poses challenges to officers who are operating without a vehicle and often use their own  resources to carry out operations.

“Our most pressing problems here in Mwandi is inadequate police officers, lack of police post and vehicles for officers to conduct effective patrols and as a result the officers are overburdened as
they have to cover large swaths of land,” Induna Wamulwa said.

He also stressed the need to expedite the construction of the police post so as to improve security in the area.

Meanwhile, Induna Ambanwa implored the government to revamp training facilities for crafts men and teachers’ colleges in Sefula, Lukulu, Mongu, Namushakendi and  Senanga to provide life survival skills to the youths.

He explained that people in Mwandi were also excited when government announced it had plans to put a training college.

“We were very excited when we heard that government would put up a college here and we immediately allocated land for that purpose but up to now we are still waiting whether that promise will be fulfilled,” Induna Ambanwa said.

And reacting to concerns raised by the indunas, the Home Affairs Minister said the Patriotic Front government was eager to engage every Zambian on developmental issues adding that government therefore values the role that traditional leaders play in ensuring that desired  development was brought to people as close as possible.

“As government we shall not work in isolation and we shall continue to engage everyone more especially the traditional leadership to ensure that the desired development is brought to the people,” Mr Lungu said.

He pointed out that government also would want to engage the opposition parties to see how best development can be attained but that the opposition always accuses government of wanting to poach its Members of Parliament.

Mr Lungu however, cited Mwandi MP Micheal Kaingu for showing willingness to engage with government on how best his area could be developed.

Mr Lungu assured the indunas who represented Senior Chief Inyambo Yeta that all their concerns under his ministry will be taken care of as soon possible.

“I can assure you that very soon you will have a boma, police station, prisons, a hospital and other government departments to complement Mwandi as a district status.

He further urged the people in Mwandi to respect and accept government’s decision to elevate Mwandi to district status saying the move was aimed at accelerating development in the area.

But Sesheke District Buildings Department Work Supervisor Kapanda Kapanda expressed worry over delays by the government to release the K1.1 billion meant for the construction of the police post saying any further delays will jeopardise the construction works.

Mr Kapanda explained that the contractor, Kamunje Enterprise has so far used its own resources to buy bricks and work on the foundation of the police post expected to be completed in five months time.