Political parties advised to emulate Freedom Fighters

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Political parties advised to emulate Freedom Fighters

Lusaka, March 02, 2013,ZANIS…Veteran Politician Daniel Munkombwe has advised opposition political party cadres to emulate  freedom fighters  in their quest to running affairs of the country.

Mr. Munkombwe said political parties should learn from freedom fighters who fought  during colonial days in order to liberate Zambia as opposed to Killing one another.

ZANIS reports that the Veteran Politician was speaking in Monze yesterday during the solemn burial of a Patriotic from Monze District Secretary Harrison Chanda at Monze cemetery in Southern province.

He said Political violence which has rocked the nation should be curtailed by Government so that any  ruthless killing of innocent citizen or political cadre during campaigns comes to an end.

He said Government should bring to book all those involved in the illicit activity of claiming the lives of innocent people without delay.

Hundreds of Monze residents, yesterday, braved the scorching sun to witness the burial of a Patriotic Front (PF) official at Monze cemetery in Southern Province Harrison Chanda who was brutally hacked by suspected United Party for National Development (UPND) cadres in Livingstone on Monday.

And speaking at the burial ceremony, PF Secretary Deputy General Bridget Atanga said the party has lost a great man who he said will be difficult to replace.

The late Chanda, 55, was yesterday interred at Monze Cemetery and witnessed by both PF and Monze residents

And Mr. Munkombwe says those who are calling him a sellout from the United Party for National Development   do not know what they are saying because he is  used to practicing clean politics throughout his political career which started during  colonial days.

He said Government is confident that the long arm of the law will visit who ever shed blood of the late seasoned politician and former football star Harrison Chanda last week.

Mr. Munkombwe also cautioned political party leaders to educate their cadres that violence does not pay but only ruin their lives after being nabbed for their offences which they will be made accountable once found wanting.