Zambia plans to use Mozambique port of Nacala for copper exports

Nacala Port, Mozambica


The Zambian government has told the Mozambican government that it plans to use the port of Nacala, in Nampula province, to export surplus copper mined in the country, said a high level official from the Mozambican Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Ministry.

Alexandre Manjate, director for the Africa and Middle East regions, noted that Zambia currently exports its copper through the port of Beira, in Sofala province, and the port of Nacala will be used to export the increasing amount of copper that Zambia is producing.

According to Mozambican newspaper Correio da Manhã, the Mozambican diplomat also said that Mozambique was thus benefitting from recent discoveries of significant copper reserves in Zambia, which is one of the world’s largest copper producers.

The information was given at the end of the 15th session of the Joint Permanent Cooperation Commission between Mozambique and Zambia, which met in Maputo Wednesday and Thursday.