Ruling PF hails Namulambe for scooping Mpongwe seat

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Ruling PF hails Namulambe for scooping Mpongwe seat


Luwingu, March 1st,  2013, ZANIS- Patriotic Front leadership in Luwingu District in the Northern Province has congratulated Mpongwe member of parliament Gabriel Namulambe for a wonderful victory in yesterday’ s by-election.


And the ruling PF (Patriotic Front) has recorded victories in the Chikanda as well as Mwalala Ward local Government By-elections that were held in Mkushi yesterday.

The ruling party has also scooped three of the four ward by elections held in Kabompo west constituency held yesterday.


 ZANIS reports that District political secretary Joseph Chileshe in a press statement released in Luwingu District said that Mr. Namulambe’s victory shows that people are no longer keen to remain in the opposition but to work with the government of the day.


“This clearly shows that people of Mpongwe wants to work with the present PF government under the leadership of President Michael Sata,” said Mr. Chileshe.


He urged Mr. Namulambe to stick to the campaign promises and deliver the services to the people of Mpongwe without discrimination regardless of their political affiliation.


“  The people in Luwingu district have received the results with full of happiness and have also congratulated the party campaign team which was in the area for job well done, “ he said.


PF candidate Gabriel Namulambe was leading in the Mpongwe by-election by 01: 00.


 Of the ballots from 24 polling stations counted by that time, Namulambe had polled 2388 while UPND’s Chilufya had 1748. MMD’s Mutesa got 613.


By Midnight, results officially announced by the Electoral Commission of Zambia put PF’s Gabriel Namulambe at 1, 483 with UPND’s Rabson Chilufya following with 1, 271. This was from ballots of 16 polling stations.


Earlier at 22: 30 ECZ results showed that UPND had 465, PF 464 while MMD had 219, NAREP 39, UNIP 15.


 The Ruling PF (Patriotic Front) has also recorded victories in a number of local government elections throughout the country.


ZANIS reports from Mkushi District , that the ruling PF has scooped Chikanda and Mwalala Ward local Government By-elections, respectively,  that were held in Mkushi yesterday.

Mkushi District Electoral Officer (DEO) Everty Ng’andu confirmed to ZANIS that PF candidate Martin Munyemo scooped the Chikanda Ward Seat after amassing 302 votes.

Mr. Ng’andu said that opposition Party MMD’s (Movement for Multi-Party Democracy’s) Boaz Nkandu got 106 votes, whilst UPND’s (United Party for National Development’s) Evaristo Himalikiti only managed 6 votes.

Mr.Ng’andu, who is also Mkushi Council Secretary (CS), disclosed that a total of 421 votes were cast, of which 7 were rejected ballots.

The results released for the Chikanda Ward By-Elections were cumulative totals from the 4 Polling Stations, namely Masansa Primary School, Malokota, Nkulumashiba and Nyenje.

Mr. Ng’andu also confirmed that the PF had scooped the Mwalala Ward, explaining that the PF Candidate Benford Katiti had won this Seat unopposed.

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) had declared the Chikanda and Mwalala Wards vacant 2 months ago, following the resignations of Martin Muyemo and Benford Katiti from opposition Party MMD.

Mr. Munyemo and Mr. Katiti contested on PF ticket on February 28th 2013, in their Chikanda and Mwalala Wards respectively.

And in Kabompo District , the Patriotic Front (PF) has scooped three of the four ward by elections held in Kabompo west constituency yesterday.

Area District election officer Francis Nkhoma who confirmed the development  in an interview, today, said that the PF candidate Daniel Mukonda won the Chikonkwelo ward by- election with 240 votes.


He beat his UPND’s rival Reuben Minganja who polled 71 votes  and MMD’s candidate Morgan Ndombwe who only got 2 votes , 16 ballot papers were rejected and a total of 329 ballots were cast.


He said PF candidate Chondo Kaliye won the Katuba ward by election with 223 volts beating the UPND candidate Morgan Chimbwili who got 110 votes and MMD’s candidate Robert Sachilulika who got 85 votes, 5 ballot papers were rejected and a total of 423 ballot papers were cast.


He went on to say the PF’s candidate Paddy Chisola won the Kamafwafwa ward by elections with 212 volts beating UPND’s candidate Kenneth Kalongo who got 154 votes and MMD’s candidate Noel Nsanji who got 104 votes, 7 ballot papers were rejected and a total of 477 ballot papers were cast.


Meanwhile, there was jubilation in Kabompo by the Patriotic Front (PF) party members who were joined Kamafwafwa PF carders who matched to the DC’s office singing solidarity songs in support of the PF government.


The carders matched a distance of 12 kilometers from Kamafwafwa lifting PF candidate Paddy Chisola on their shoulders while chanting solidarity slogans in jubilation.


And the winning candidate Mr. Nkhoma commended all political parties for holding violence free elections in Kabompo west constituency.