Late Chief Bunda Bunda to be put to rest tomorrow

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–  Burial for the late Chief Bunda-Bunda of the Soli  speaking people in Rufunsa District in Lusaka province who died on February 23 will be held , tomorrow ,  March 2nd, 2013,  at his Shamifwi Royal Palace.


ZANIS reports that this is according to a burial programme released by the Shamifwi Royal Establishment and obtained in Lusaka, today.

The programme states that mourners who will include the late chief’s subjects, village headmen, other traditional leaders and senior government officials will assemble at the Shamifwi Royal Palace in the morning and wait for the body of the late chief from Saint Ann’s funeral parlour.


The body of the late chief Bunda-Bunda will lie in State on Friday March 1st, 2013.


A requiem mass for the Late Traditional leader will be held at Chongwe Catholic Parish to be presided by Gabriel Mwanamwalye and proceed to the burial grounds.


The burial procession will be followed by prayers, committal of the chief’s remains to the soil, interment and lying of wreaths.


The Late Chief Bunda Bunba, who has been on the throne for many years,  leaves behind several children and grand children.


He is seen by his subjects as a driving force behind the development of the area and he understood that things needed to be done in due time.


He was at the centre of education, and he was one of the people who initiated Esther High School.


Chieftainess Nkomeshya Mukamambo II, also of the Soli speaking peoples would give a vote of thanks to the bereaved mourners.


And MMD Rufunsa Member of Parliament (MP) Kenneth said in a separate interview that the demise of late chief Bunda-Bunda was a big blow not only to the Soli people but the nation as a whole.


Mr. Chipungu said the deceased chief united the people because he was an inspirational and hard working person.