Northwestern Province in bumper harvest – Muachusa

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Northwestern Province in bumper harvest – Muachusa

Solwezi, February 28, 2013, ZANIS — Department of agriculture in north western province says it is expecting a bumper harvest despite the hiccups the region experienced with the late distribution of inputs.

Provincial senior marketing and development officer Dennis Munachusa said the province is expecting a good harvest this year because it has done well and the region did not experience army worms’ invasion.

The distribution of the agricultural inputs was also done on time despite the late delivery of inputs by Nyiombo investment, Mr. Munachusa said.

He said the province has received almost all the inputs under the 2012/2013 farmer input support programme and has distributed to all farmers that were eligible.

 He said the province has received 5, 355. 4 metric tons of D compound fertilizer out of the 5,458 total allocation representing 98 per cent  leaving a balance  of 102 metric tons which has not been delivered.

Mr. Munachusa said most farmers have also received their urea fertilizer although 166 metric tons has not yet been delivered out of the 5, 383 metric tons which represents 99 per cent of the total allocation.

He said the remaining balances for Solwezi, Mwinilunga and Mufumbwe districts.

He however urged farmers to be patient with department is making frantic efforts to source for the remaining fertilizer which he said was in short supply.

Most farmers in northwestern province did not receive their farming inputs on time due the late delivery by Nyiombo investment the supply of D compound and Urea fertilizers.