Media urged to utilize international Children’s broadcasting day to highlight to the full

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Media urged to utilize international Children’s broadcasting  day to highlight to the full

Ndola February 28, 2013 ZANIS-COPPERBELT Provincial Child Development Co-coordinator Esther Chimimba has appealed to the media not to wait for occasions like the international Children’s broadcasting  day before they could give air space to the children so that they can express themselves.

Ms Chimimba says  that children go through a lot of physical and psychological abuse but the nation is not aware because they are not given the platform to express themselves.

The Copperbelt Provincial Child Development Coordinator said this in an interview in Ndola, today.

“It is sad that our future leaders go through psychological trauma and the society does not know, because it has not given the children an opportunity to express themselves,” she said.

She said that children have now become major victims of gender based violence adding that it was disheartening that the same people who are supposed to be protecting children are destroying them without considering their future.

Ms Chimimba said there are a lot of vulnerable children on the streets seeking love, protection, shelter and food.

“There is no one to fight for the children’s rights. Many orphans have been left homeless because no one could stand up to fight for what rightly belongs to them.

Their property is looted by relatives who abandon them later,” Ms Chimimba said.

She appealed to the nation to develop a more sectoral approach to help find solutions to the many problems that the children faced.

The international children’s day of broadcasting falls on the 3rd of March whose theme for the year is “HEAR OUR VOICES, PROTECT US, WE ARE THE FUTURE .“