Lunga District demands for accommodation and offices

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Lunga District demands for accommodation and offices

Lunga, February 28th,  2013, ZANIS— A Clinical Officer health worker at Kasoma Lunga Rural Health Center Francis Katemo has bemoaned inadequate staffing levels and accommodation for health workers in Lunga district.

Mr. Katemo says that there is need for government to tackle the challenge of infrastructural development such as building houses  and offices for government workers in the new district.

He explained that this way, so has to avail serving officer’s facilities such as houses and office accommodation.

 He said, availability of adequate but standard infrastructure would be a stepping-stone into realizing an influx of health and other public service workers in Lunga district.

Mr. Katemo said there were only two trained workers at the clinic, a Mr. Jonas Mukuka an Environmental Healthy Technician and himself.

He said a Mr. Gandencia Mwila and an unnamed local coxswain are working under classified daily Employee and being paid by the clinic when it is funded.

Mr. Katemo said the boat that is currently being used to ferry patients to Mpata or Samfya is a small banana boat, which requires a bigger engine because the one that the clinic has is too small and therefore asking the government to come to their aid.

He said “the funding that the clinic receives is inadequate because it is used in paying the two classified daily Employees, buying of food for the patients, stationery, cleaning materials and some other required materials.”

Mr. Katemo also complained over poor communicating networks which is a bigger challenge for the district and that currently are using the radio massage to communicate to the base.

He said, that water and sanitation is also an issue that needs to be worked on as early as possible because the clinic is currently drawing water from a well, and asked the authorities to buy solar panels for the clinic like the ones that Nsalushi, Bwalya Mponda and Kalima Nkonde clinics are using for electrification.

Kasoma Lunga clinic has an estimated catchment area population of 12,770 people.