Govt. reiterates pledge to widen ARPM

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Govt. reiterates pledge to widen ARPM

Mkushi, January 29th, 2013, ZANIS —  Government has reiterated it’s commitment towards its pledges towards widening the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) consultative base.


Mkushi District Commissioner (DC) Christopher Chibuye says that the PF(Patriotic Front) Government was eager to maintain a wide stakeholder base for APRM recommendations.


He said that in this regard, the PF Government has set a deliberate policy of encouraging APRM consultative forums in the districts, explaining that such an objective was in line with the efforts involved in good Governance.

The Mkushi District Commissioner said this in an interview in Mkushi District, today.


He noted that the  four major thematic topics involved in the APRM’s pursuit for good Governance were firmly expressed in the PF Manifesto, adding that Government and the APRM shared common vision on matters of Governance.


Mr. Chibuye outlined the 4 major topics being promoted as Democracy, Economic Governance, Corporate Governance as well as Social Economic Governance.


He said that in view of Government’s seriousness on these matters, it was therefore imperative for participants at Mkushi’s APRM meeting to deliberate and contribute freely towards Recommendations and Reforms.


He pointed out that forums such as these were very cardinal to the quest of identifying possible solutions to the challenges facing the district.


Mr. Chibuye highlighted other challenges such as Gender inequity, poverty unemployment as being amongst other pertinent issues that had been floated by the APRM’s findings.


He mentioned that other challenges included equity in economic development in all sections of the Zambian economy.


He observed that in view of Government’s commitment towards APRM’s cause, the onus was now on the various stakeholders in the district to accord these forums with maximum importance.


The APRM Team, which included Personnel from the Justice Ministry, were conducting consultative forums in Central Province with Mkushi having been their third destination.