Civil servants urged to support government

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Civil servants urged to support government

Chinsali, February 28, ZANIS —- Chinsali District Commissioner Evelyn Kangwa has urged all public service providers to work hand in hand with the current government in order to provide quality service to the masses.

Ms Kangwa said civil servants ought to work in line with the Patriotic Front manifesto in order to improve quality service delivery.

She added that negative attitude towards work displayed by some civil servants is not good as it tarnishes the image of the government.

The Government official said most programmes are failing due to negligence on the part of civil servants hence the need for officers in the public service to change their work culture.

 Ms Kangwa said this during a three day Induction workshop for newly recruited civil servants held in Chinsali district.

The DC has since advised public service providers to implement and utilize the guiding principles learnt during the Induction workshop so as to improve on the quality of service delivery in Muchinga Province and the country at large.

And Ms Kangwa has urged civil servants responsible for engaging contractors to do various works for the government to ensure they engage competent contractors who will be able to deliver quality work and not companies who would just waste government funds.