Dual arrested in Kapiri Mponshi with counterfeit Kwacha notes

prison arrest
prison arrest

Police in Kapiri Mponshi have arrested two men found in possession of over Kr 11000 counterfeit money.

Central Province commissioner of Police Standwell Lungu confirmed the incidence to ZANIS in Kapiri Mponshi today.

Mr Lungu named the suspect as Daniel Mwebela, 27, of House number 20 of Makululu compound in Kapiri Mponshi and Happy Kaunda of house number 24 in Mine Teachers compound in Kabwe.

Mr Lungu said the two were nabbed last night after Kaunda was seen transacting counterfeit money, which was in 50 Kwacha rebased notes at Kapiri Mponshi turn off.

He said police also pounced on computers, printers suspected to have been used in producing fake money.

He said the two are in Police custody and that they will appear in court soon.

And Mr Lungu also told ZANIS that officials from the bank of Zambia have been contacted in order to   come and verify the said counterfeit notes..