Chililabombwe police officers swing into action at Kabulanda station

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POLICE in Chililabombwe have swang into action following complaints by
the bus drivers.

Police have moved in following yesterdays protest by the bus drivers at
Kabulanda station which they claimed it’s not designated.
Officers were seen this morning on patrol on the Congo-Zambia
international road where the station is located.
Commuters spotted along the international road are being forced by
police to board buses to be taken to Mine Market to board buses to go
to Chingola.

Officers who refused to comment advised commuters not to be using
vehicles loading at Kabulanda saying most of them were private and some
of the can be a danger to them,
The officers said most drivers driving the private vehicles don’t have
driving Licenses.

However the commuters have complained bitterly saying they are
delaying their programs as it easy to reach their destination fast and
attend to their programs on time when they board from Kabulanda station,
“This is very cumbersome,we have alot of programs to attend to and we
can’t be going all that far just to get on a bus when we have an
alternative which is Kabulanda,this is the time for the council to
think of making another station in town where we can board on buses
going to Chingola,we can’t continue with one station to Chingola,” one
of them said.

Meanwhile getting a comment from the council authorities proved futile
as the phone went un answered.