ZANEC welcomes govt move on education curriculum

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ZANEC welcomes govt move on education curriculum


Lusaka,Februaray,27.ZANIS—The Zambia National Education Council(ZANEC) has described the decision by government to inculpate a vocational path in the country’s education curriculum as  a step in the right direction.



ZANEC Executive Director, Henry Kabwe says the goal oriented curriculum will enable students in the country  to benefit from the educational knowledge they acquire.


He explained that this will also make most pupils to not only study to pass examinations but also for their desired career path.


Mr. Kabwe said the current educational setup, which does not include any career goal, has resulted in students only aiming at studying to pass exams.


He added that for the new curriculum to be effective, there is need for teachers to have an extra sense to enable them to offer guidance in line with individual pupils abilities.


Mr. Kabwe also said  it is important to ensure that the vocational path which will be provided in the curriculum is wide enough and includes non white collar jobs.


He however urged government to be cautious when implementing the curriculum, to prevent it from being rigid.


Mr. Kabwe said there is need for the curriculum to be designed in a way that students who wish to change the career path they want to take can still do so.


He commended government for engaging stakeholders in consultations in various educational issues.


Government is in the process of reviewing the educational curriculum to include a vocational path.