Long awaited Holograms finally arrive

The long awaited Holograms have arrived in the country.


The Holograms were received today at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport by Information and Broadcasting Permanent Secretary Amos Mulupenga who was franked by Zambian artists.


Speaking shortly after inspecting the consignment of Holograms, Mr. Mulupenga said government spent 1 billion kwacha in the procuring of the Holograms.


He explained that when the PF government came into power, it found 50 million kwacha “then” allocated by the previous government in the yellow book for procuring of the Holograms.


“ The 1 billion kwacha spent on Holograms is a clear demonstration of government’s commitment in fighting piracy in the country, “Mr Mulupenga said.


He observed that some people thought government was paddling propaganda when government announced its intention to procuring Holograms.


Mr Mulupenga said government has once again proofed the doubting Thomas wrong with the arrival of Holograms in the Country.


He said it is the desire of the government to see to it that piracy is brought to a dead end through the use of Holograms.


He reviewed that Zambian Musicians have been crying for the Hologram for the last nine years adding that the PF government has managed to procure the Holograms in less than 11 months.


Mr. Mulupenga said government will always stick to what it promise to deliver to the people.

He said more details on how the Holograms will be used will be given out during the launch of the Holograms by the Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services.  


And a music board has praised government for honoring its promise of procuring the Holograms.


The Zambia Music Copyright Protection Society (ZAMCOPS) Board Chairman Edify Hamukale said the Musicians have been crying for a long time for the introduction of Holograms.


Mr. Hamukale was optimistic that with the coming of Holograms Zambian artists will be able to benefit from there works.


He said the introduction of Holograms will greatly assist in fighting piracy in the music industry.


Mr. Hamukale has since appealed to musicians in the country to rally behind government in the implementation of the Holograms.


And National Arts Council vice chairman Sankwe Kambole described the Holograms as national treasure.


He said the Zambian artists will never be ripped off from thire works with the coming of the Holograms.