Well looked after project pleases Irish Aid

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Well looked after project pleases Irish Aid


Kasama, February 26, ZANIS ——-Irish Aid has praised Chiba Residence Development Committee (RDC) Water Project in Kasama for securing and preserving the water project, which was funded by the Irish government for a period of more than a decade.


Irish Aid Director General Brendan Rodgers said the Irish government is happy for sustaining the water project, which is benefiting more than 13 000 people in the area.


Mr Rodgers also said when the water project was commissioned it was evident that the project was beneficial to the community.


He urged the water project to not only concentrate in sustaining it but also maintain the quality of clean drinking water supply.


Mr Rodgers added that the Irish government is happy to be associated with the project that improves the welfare of the people and safeguard them from contracting water borne diseases that comes due poor supply of water.


He assured the people of continued support as long as quality is not compromised to the community in Chiba, Simbeye, Brown and other surrounding villages.


Speaking at the same function, Chiba Water Project Residence Committee (RDC) Chairman Saviour Bwalya thanked the Irish Aid project for the support rendered to the project.


Mr Bwalya revealed that the Irish Embassy funded KR106 000 to the water project in 1997 as a result of continued water borne diseases in the community.


He pointed out that the water project charges a minimal fee to each household to enable the RDC pay for a watchman, Water attendant and stationery every month.


The RDC Chairman said the water project is facing financial difficulties to sustain the increased Chiba Community population from 8,000 to 13, 000 currently that require more support to keep sustaining the water project.


He appealed to Irish Embassy Community, Government and other well-wishers to fund the electrification of the wall fence for effective security of the water springs by watch man especially in the night.


And Buseko Ward Councillor Patrick Maponga said KR15 000 has been released from Constituency Development Funds (CDF) to construct another water spring.


Mr Maponga also appealed to Chiba and Lua-Luo Ward Councillors to contribute K30 000 rebased to construct the other two water springs to increase water supply to the Community.


The Irish Aid entourage included Director General Brendan Rodgers, Secretary General Cooney and Head of Development Patrick McManus.